Over the past 12 months we have had tears of joy, tears of sadness and so many changes. 

Here are some of our highlights:

Our aspiring writer Hector Zuniga published his first Chapter of Rocket Madness.  Hector has decided to enroll at North Shore Community College to pursue his writing career and we couldn’t be more excited for him!  We will publish the entire story at the end of this edition for you to read.  If you see him around, please be sure to let him know what your thoughts are!

Sopheap is still our #1 when it comes to ensuring the clubhouse will have dessert. When he isn’t here, there is a slim chance there is someone else willing to step up and take on the task.

Mario is still our most versatile clubhouse member.  There isn’t a task he has yet to turn down.  for over a year now there hasn’t been a task he isn’t willing to take on and still stands true to his famous catchphrase, “I got you!” Whether it is battling the weather to cash in bottles & cans for us, dishes, scrubbing floors, cleaning refrigerators, organizing, wrapping gifts, the list goes on! He is always there to help in any unit when there is a need.  We can always count on him.

Cheryl has been part of the clubhouse for the past 27 years. She enjoys participating in the Business Unit by running the Snack Bar.  She also counts the Snack Bar inventory to make sure we do not run out of items and I am the primary person who takes care of rep payee billing statements. I also help with tracking consent & release forms for photographs & interviews to be used and track our Orientation and Policy forms.  I make sure they are all up to date, signed and renewed before they expire.

My name is Jacquelyn. I have been coming to the clubhouse for the past 4 years. I am the Ambassador. I make sure new members feel welcome, answer their questions, show them around and help them feel comfortable. The clubhouse is wonderful and everyone is supportive and kind.  I love cooking my Honey Chicken for everyone, they love it.   and baking so I volunteer weekly in the Culinary Unit.  Doing this helps me to learn how to make new and healthy meals. 

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